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Terms & Conditions

To confirm your booking, payment is due immediately and is accepted via direct credit only. A tax invoice will be emailed once payment has cleared and your booking is confirmed.

Tysatara 2020 Ltd
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Code: 2023BABY
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By submitting the online application, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Organiser accepts that application on the understanding that you have read and agreed to abide by these Terms and Conditions. The Organiser may accept or decline any trade site application. Bookings are non-refundable other than if Expo gets cancelled or postponed. If the Expo is cancelled or postponed for any reason whatsoever, Exhibitors will be notified and any deposit or payment made by an Exhibitor may be refunded in full and no further claim can be made. The Organiser is not liable for any direct or indirect loss incurred by an Exhibitor if the Expo is cancelled/postponed for whatever reason. If there has been inadequate presales of sites, the Organiser at its sole discretion may cancel/postpone the Expo on or before 15 October 2023.

The venue has wi-fi access, however power is very limited and only available on one side of the room. Please contact the Organiser to discuss. All electrical equipment must be tested and tagged by an approved electrician. These will be checked at random on the day of the Expo. There are a limited number of sites, located in the centre of the floor plan, which have a black divider wall. Please indicate in comments if this is a requirement for your site and these will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please only use blue-tack for mounting on the perimeter sites. There are to be no tears, holes or marks left behind or repair costs will be onforwarded to the Exhibitor. The Organiser reserves the right to alter the floor plan to adjust for greater or lesser sites sold prior to the Expo. A final floor plan will be emailed to site holders a week before the Expo. The Exhibitor must be fully operational during the opening hours of the Expo. All Exhibitors goods, advertising, and other belongings must remain within your site and not encroach on neighbouring sites, or into the aisles. Exhibitors must not advertise any other business other than their own. Sub-letting of exhibitor sites is not permitted.

The Expo is held on Sunday, 5 November 2023 from 10am until 2pm. Packing in may be done between 1pm - 5pm on Saturday, 4 November. Alternatively, starting at 8.30am on Sunday, 5 November. Exhibitors must be ready to trade by 9.45am. Stallholders may not begin packing up until 2pm and must vacate their site by 3pm. Any damage incurred to the building either during pack-in, during the Expo or when packing out will be charged to the Exhibitor. The stall must be manned at all times and displays kept tidy. Exhibitors are required to conduct in a safe, professional and positive manner and must not act in a way that brings the Expo into disrepute. Whilst competitions are allowed and actively encouraged, there is to be no lottery, auction or raffle unless by prior agreement with the Organiser. Please remove all property, as well as any rubbish, at the end of the Expo.

The Organiser reserves the right to add, delete or amend any conditions stated within this agreement, at any time, and without prior notification to Exhibitors. Exhibitors will be informed of any such changes via email. The Exhibitor will ensure they have a light-hearted chuckle when they reach this point, and feel relieved that there are only a few more clauses to get through. This is a plastic free event and no single use plastic bags are to be used on the day. Exhibitors agree to be photographed and/or filmed and images may be used for further promotional material by Organiser. Exhibitors must comply with all requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and comply with New Zealand laws. The Organiser reserves the right to remove any Exhibitor acting dangerously, offensively or uncooperatively at any time during the Expo. The Organiser is not liable for any injuries to any person or damage to property owned or controlled by Exhibitors. The Exhibitor indemnifies the organiser from any claims that arise out of the Exhibitors participation in the Expo. Exhibitors are recommended to hold their own Public Liability Insurance and Personal Insurance for their own property. When referring to the Expo, Exhibitors must use the full name Taranaki Baby & Kids Expo. If any of the above are breached the Organiser may terminate the Exhibitor either before the Expo or on the day.


Top Tips for Successful Exhibiting


Before the show opens, make a point of introducing yourself to the business owners around you. Not only will they be more than happy to keep an eye on your stand when you duck off to the loo, they can also send visitors your way where relevant!



Make sure that visitors can identify who you are from a distance – put up a large banner with your business name and/or logo on it. This can be a pull-up, teardrop or PVC banner. Visitors are more likely to walk past your stand if it isn’t obvious what you sell. A banner can be used again and again at different events and is well worth the investment.



Visitors can be put off by a super busy looking stand. If it is very obvious what you sell and you are simply displaying all the different varieties of your product then visitors will be drawn in. If the stand looks cluttered with all sorts of different products and/ or flyers, then visitors will move on quickly as their brain cannot process all the detail within those first few seconds of looking at your stand.



Contrary to popular belief, these are still very valuable. Make sure you have plenty of business cards prominently displayed at the front of your stand. This allows people to quickly take your details with them to check out later, especially if you are engaged in conversation with another person.



If at all possible, do not sit down behind your display. This can make you appear disinterested and not engaged with potential customers/clients. Other than a quick post on social media, DO NOT spend time on your phone during the show. Worse than sitting down, this can quickly put visitors off.



Avoid eating at your stand. If it’s time for a quick bite at lunch time, take turns with your co-exhibitor to head to the designated exhibitor rest area to eat. Alternatively, ask your neighbour to keep an eye on your stand and have lots of business cards on hand for them to hand out if visitors are interested in your business. Similarly with drink bottles, pick a quiet moment and briefly turn away to drink.



Find a way to attract visitors to your stand in a fun way. You might have a catch phrase to use on passing visitors, or a large sign advising them of a competition you are running. The more interactive you stand, the more engagement you are likely to have. And the more memorable you will be!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I park?

You may park in the area outside the rink, but your car must be moved to the designated car parking area once you have moved everything into the building. This leaves the prime parking space free for our valuable visitors. 

When can I set up?

Set-up can take place either on Saturday from 1pm - 5pm, or on Sunday rom 8.30am. All exhibitors must be set up and ready to trade by 9.45am. 

Can I have power to my site on the day?
All power sites have been allocated during bookings and last minute add-ons are not available.

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